My SSL Certificate Renewal is Not Working

By default, the Hudu server will run a renewal process for your certificate. However, if for some reason this does not work, you can run (in the ~/hudu2 directory)

sudo docker-compose up -d
wait for it to get up and running and then type:
docker exec -it letsencrypt /app/le-renew.sh

Fix Hudu Invalid License

Please see this article.

Running Out of Memory

As the number of documentation and integrations utilized grows, the #1 cause of slowness in your Hudu instance on your instance is memory. If you want to speed up your instance, increase the memory on the server.

Docker Permission Errors

Run: sudo systemctl restart docker.service then: sudo docker ps -a

Contact Hudu Support

If there is an emergency with your documentation system, contact support@hudu.com with some context on what is happening.