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Understanding Hudu Concepts

Even though Hudu is incredibly powerful, the interface is simple. However, there are a couple concepts it may help to understand before diving into Hudu.


Assets are the building blocks of your documentation. They are completely customizable in the fields they contain, and the additional tools they can provide, in order to provide flexibility for your documentation and your business.

Asset Layouts

Asset Layouts are, in essence, groups of assets, organized based on a common structure, for clarity. In a company, you can see all the Asset Layouts in the left-hand navigation. Contacts, Applications, Printing – all contain assets.

Knowledge Base Articles

Knowledge Base Articles are ways to format and retain knowledge gained through the years. They can be tied to a specific company or placed in the global Knowledge Base. All articles contain a public link that you can use to share with clients.

Other concepts

To learn even more about Hudu, please visit our Help Center.